Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Benefits of the Study

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This study gives some contributions for the improvement of the English language teaching and learning. The benefits are:
  1. It enables teachers to get information and to select a suitable technique in teaching vocabulary at Elementary Schools. It is an important thing for the teacher to develop the technique in their classroom in order to make the students interested in the subject.
  2. It enables other researcher to get reference about the implementation of Contextual Teaching and Learning in improving students' vocabulary mastery.
  3. It gives inputs to school about a suitable method in teaching vocabulary. The result of this study is expected to give more information about Contextual Teaching and Learning so that it can be applied in SD
  4. It gives spirit and knowledge for students that learning English can be fun and interesting. The students will not feel to be forced in learning English but they will feel happy to learn since they are put in an enjoyable situation.
Contextual Teaching and Learning stimulates the students to work in teams. They try to cooperate with other students to practice the language together. Students are expected to have a good improvement in vocabulary mastery.

Semoga Makalah / skripsi / PTK

The Benefits of the Study

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