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Knowledge is constructed by humans

Knowledge is not a set of facts, concepts, or laws waiting to be discovered. It is not something that exists independent of knower. Humans create or construct knowledge as they attempt to bring meaning to their experience. Everything that we know, we have made.

Based on this opinion, learning process which focuses on the teacher is no longer suitable. It is because our brain is continuously finding meaning and saving meaningful cases, and learning process has to involve students in finding meaning. Teaching and learning process has to make it possible for the students to understand the meaning of their learning material.

Students as the learning subject are the starting point in teaching and learning which measure the success of the teaching learning process. Teaching and learning can be successful when the students can directly feel the advantages of learning materials by experiencing and learning it.

There are many other factors supporting teaching and learning process, such as the using of appropriate media, learning materials which support teaching learning process, class management, and teacher's ability and creativity in developing and managing learning process optimally.

When the teaching and learning process takes place, problems would appear to the teacher. They have problems of how to teach them in order to gain satisfying result. The teacher should prepare and find out the appropriate techniques which are implemented to the students. A good teacher should prepare himself or herself with various and up-to-date techniques and mastering the material in order to be understood by students, and make children interested and happy in teaching and learning process in the classroom.

The teachers should concern that teaching vocabulary is something new and different from student's native language. They have to take into account that teaching English for young learners is different from adults. The teachers have to know the characteristics of young learners. The teachers need to prepare good techniques and a suitable material in order to gain the target of language teaching to the children.

Unlike adults who can learn formally in the classroom by following and attending teachers' explanation in the classroom, children tend to learn things by playing. For children, things are easy to learn when they are totally in their context. Children will learn something more meaningfully and interestingly when they can relate these things with their needs and personal experience. Students learn best by actively constructing their own understanding.
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