Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RPP PAI SMK kelas xi semester 1 & 2

kumpulan ptk rpp sekolah learning silabus sertifikasi guru pendidikan portofolio dapodik contoh tugas kuliah makalah skripsi mata pelajaran
In order to read the Koran well, In order to apply the meaning of the verse everyday life.

• To know how to bathe, mengkafani, mensholatkan and bury the bodies.
• In order to carry out the implementation of these bodies against the family who experience it.
Implementation Plan (RPP)
Learning plan or so-called Learning Implementation Plan (RPP) is a learning design subjects that will be applied per unit of teachers in learning in the classroom. Under the RPP is a teacher (either a set RPP itself and which are not) expected to implement a programmed learning. Therefore, the decree shall have the power arranging (aplicable) is high. Without careful planning, it is impossible learning targets can be achieved optimally. On the other hand, the RPP also can know the ability levels of teachers in carrying out his profession.

As the lesson plans in general, competency-based learning plan through a contextual approach designed by teachers who will implement the learning in the classroom that contains ¬ scenarios about what will be done regarding the topics students will learn. Technically, the minimum lesson plan includes the following components.

RPP PAI SMK kelas xi semester 1 dan 2 -

Semoga Makalah / skripsi / PTK

RPP PAI SMK kelas xi semester 1 & 2

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